Lively Tech – Higher Learning, Higher Earning

Since 1937, Lively Technical College’s vision has been to lead workforce training by utilizing industry-driven educational solutions and community partnerships to equip students to meet the demands of local and global employers. Our mission is to provide higher learning education with higher earning potential through career-focused training for the entire North Florida region. In other words, Lively has been the driving force in Leon County for ensuring there is a fit for those who are disadvantaged, seeking opportunities for advancement, and youths who may not have a plan for what’s next so they can contribute meaningfully to our community and our local economy.

One of the four colleges in Tallahassee, Lively Tech, has continuously offered a focused curriculum to students who have determined a career pathway. Our success is evident in the continued growth in student enrollment, career programs provided, and in our three campuses – Main Campus on Appleyard Drive, the Aviation Maintenance Technician School at Tallahassee International Airport, and our most recent Lively Tech East Campus strategically located to serve eastern sectors of Leon County and neighboring counties. Access is key to preparing individuals to step into a career with prospects for advancement. Lively Technical College prioritizes the needs of people in our community looking for opportunities to learn outside of the traditional college landscape. Many people who have tried college in our community leave before earning a degree but succeed in our workforce development model. It uses the principles of adult learning paired with various work-based learning opportunities to achieve the credentials that earn a high wage.

The ability to adapt and remain responsive to the ever-changing needs of our workforce is a signature trait of being a Workforce Leader! In our 85+ years of career and technical education, Lively Tech has proficiently adapted to the changing needs of students, offering quality programs in high-demand workforce industries. Our faculty are real-world experts in their fields, providing each student with unique educational experiences with hands-on, relevant lab activities geared to sought-after industry skills. Lively Tech graduates typically have job offers waiting for them to use their career training to begin earning competitive wages in professional sectors such as welding, nursing, building trades, cosmetology, aviation, and more. Our educational success attracts national organizations to routinely visit our campus to court students for jobs upon graduation.

You are invited to visit Lively Technical College to witness the excitement of motivated students learning real-world skills and hear from our educators and staff about the positive impact and success stories Lively students create for themselves and our community.