Launch Tally initiative aims to connect city’s high-tech offerings with many more technology consumers


Tallahassee has struggled for years to promote itself as a growing technology hub. The latest effort to do that was kicked off the morning of Wednesday, March 23 at FSU’s Turnbull Center.
The audience of more than 300 represented technology companies, university research, government and non-profits. Launch Tally program founder Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet said it’s all about connecting the various players.

“So one of the goals of Launch Tally is to break down those siloes and have us all work together and try to get the Tallahassee technology ecosystem not only on the statewide map, but also the national map.”

And that, he said, can mean many more customers for local tech firms as those customers learn the Capital City area can provide what they need.

“Not only Miami, not only Orlando and Jacksonville, but Tallahassee. We’re going to have some press releases that will announce ground-breakings and headquarter movements in the next 365 days.”

So far, more than 300 organizations and individuals have signed onto the online promotional Launch Tally platform.