What Keeps Us Going

One of the things that distinguishes The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce from other important organizations in our community is the quality and quantity of leaders who give their time to support our mission. This year has provided endless evidence to this point. Despite the overwhelming challenges happening in nearly every business, our volunteer leaders continue to offer their hard work as a means for championing the growth of our community.  

While in-person gatherings may have given way to Zoom calls, the passion and persistence of those most dedicated to advancing our community still stands out. We, the Chamber staff, ask a lot of our members and leadership. Nothing about the work we do can be successful without their continuous engagement. Even when their own businesses and ventures are facing problems and difficult decisions, they remain persistent in their dedication to our cause.  

With the world and certainly America going through so much unrest right now, it can be easy for any organization to lose sight of what the mission is. Fortunately, and thanks to our leaders, that has not proven true for our Chamber of Commerce. No matter the shifting tides we ride on, our charge remains the same.  

We are the catalyst for local business and community growth.  

Each day, with the support of our business members and guidance of volunteer leaders, our team pushes up our sleeves and puts in the time necessary to solving problems, making connections, and driving value. It can be a bit of a roller coaster sometimes, but that’s why our Board members, investors, and key leaders are so important — they help keep us focused on the mission and why it matters. 

Now that we are five months into a pandemic, there are many trends that have begun to emerge. The one that makes us most proud is how much our members have doubled down on their support for a brighter future in our community. What comes through in the many zoom calls and virtual events that we’ve hosted since March is that the Tallahassee business community wants to make a difference. That desire for shared improvement reaches far beyond profits. Our leaders are passionate about seeing Tallahassee develop into a place where anyone and everyone can build a prosperous life. That is the attitude that drives our mission. 

Once again, the commitment of our leaders was on display this week. Between a virtual Board of Directors meeting that lasted well over an hour and a President’s Council meeting that featured in-depth discussions on the healthcare and retail sectors in our community, we were witness to why we do what we do. Our business leaders keep showing up and that means we will too.  

Next Monday, our full team will return to the office for the first time in five months. We aren’t quite ready to host our popular programs again just yet, but we are taking an important step towards that goal. We will continue to exercise caution and safety measures of course, but at least we will be able to see how our hard work matters a bit more than while we were isolated. What has powered us so far in this pandemic is the positive reinforcement from our members, leaders, and other volunteers. That’s what keeps us going and it’s why we will be happy to walk back into 300 East Park Avenue next week.  

Thanks for sticking with us and helping us make a difference. There’s no way to tell you how much it means to our team.