“Keeping Tallahassee Looking Its Best – Inside and Out” Miller Glass

Tallahassee is genuinely a beautiful community, especially in the springtime. Have you ever stopped to notice one of the most over-looked reasons our city looks good, both inside and out? It’s the innovative use of glass.

Whether you look at Tallahassee’s commercial or residential structures, the ones that positively stand out are likely to have made smart use of glass throughout. Glass is one of the most versatile construction materials. Businesses and offices use glass in storefronts, commercial staircases, railings, and display cases. Builders and homeowners use glass for visual accents for both exteriors and interiors with picture windows, mirrors, bath hardware and shower enclosures, and shelving.

Businesses across a variety of industry sectors in Tallahassee have made exceptional use of glass to accent entrances, improve daytime lighting, as well as nighttime visual security. In healthcare, Capital Health Plan’s new building entrance, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital’s atrium, and Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic’s new Canopy facility are all creative examples of healthcare providers using glass to enhance patient and visitor experience. In the hospitality sector, Centrale Pizza, Parm, and Bar, along with Champion’s Club at Doak Campbell Stadium, have used glass to create an enhanced vision in both interior and exterior use. The Redwire building’s glass entryway and staircase light up Midtown, while many of Tallahassee’s leading automobile dealerships make stunning use of glass for their showrooms.

Glass is one of the best ways residential homeowners can improve the value of their property. New windows are not only esthetically pleasing, but they improve the energy efficiency of the home, which can result in lower utility bills. The City of Tallahassee offers a particular program for energy-efficient window replacement.

For more than 28 years, Miller Glass Company has proudly served Tallahassee businesses and homeowners with the most beautiful installation and replacement of glass. Whether glass needs to be fire-rated, hurricane rated, or just picture perfect, Miller Glass Company is working to keep our city looking great, inside and out.