Justin Downing, F45

Justin Downing has been involved in health and wellness for over 10 years. He started his journey in his early 20’s and never looked back. He signed his first contract with F45 Tallahassee Midtown in 2019. His belief and passion for the F45 product made him realize he wanted to grow the brand. Shortly after, he decided to do so by becoming the owner of the F45 Windermere location which will soon open its doors in April of 2021. As a great leader who expects the best out of his elite F45 team(s), he obtained the ISSA certification to know every aspect of the business. Justin’s success in Tallahassee, throughout the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, is a testament to his drive, passion, perseverance, and dedication for his business to not only succeed but to bring the community together. He opened his Tallahassee Midtown gym in October of 2020 with over 200 members when most studios open with around 100-120 pre-COVID.

Justin strongly believes his F45’s are more than just a gym, they are a community. Because of this, he has persistently sought out small businesses and succeeded in becoming affiliates with over ten local business owners to help grow the community and has created Loyalty Cards with discounts to businesses that promote great health and wellbeing products like cryotherapy, healthy restaurants, etc.

Why Tallahassee? Justin lived in Tallahassee, FL for a brief period of time with his business partner, Doug Felton, who is a 2012 graduate from Florida State University. Since then, they both realized Tallahassee was a great and fast-growing community with an interest in fitness and healthy living. Justin and his business partner decided to open an F45 in Midtown to positively impact the community by introducing them to a new cutting edge type of fitness to help those interested in reaching their fitness goals and change their lives.