June Job Numbers Show a Continued Decrease in the Unemployment Rate for Tallahassee MSA

The unemployment rate in the Tallahassee area continues to fall as economic activity increases despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Tallahassee MSA unemployment rate was 7.1% in June. The rate is down from 8.1% in May. Even though the unemployment rate went down, the total number of jobs in June was less than the prior month. There were 171,100 total jobs recorded in June which was a drop of nearly 1,000 jobs from May. In comparison, there were 10,000 fewer jobs in the Tallahassee MSA than in June of 2019. During a strange time like this, it is also important to remember that Summer is still a waning cycle for local jobs. It will be difficult to discern the overall direction of jobs in the community until later this Fall. With so many uncertainties still impacting businesses, it is likely to take some time before Tallahassee experiences a return to pre-pandemic jobs numbers.

Industry job performance past 12 months:
Construction +3.3%
Government -1.0%
Financial  -1.3%
Information -3.3%
Trade -6.2%
Professional Services -6.7%
Other -7.8%
Manufacturing -8.8%
Hospitality -18.5%