The Journey to Racial Justice

Leadership Tallahassee, a program of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, has a mission to cultivate a diverse network of emerging and experienced leaders committed to improving the community. For 38 years, the program has worked to fulfill this mission. On June 4, 2020, LT Board of Governors under the leadership of Chair, Melissa VanSickle (LT 29) released a statement in support of our diverse membership and to empower leaders to look within to be a part of real change. The message was a continuation of the work LT has been doing for nearly four decades in our community.

We fulfill our mission by giving community leaders the knowledge and experiences to be a part of an authentic change in our community. In response to the killing of George Floyd and the most recent national spotlight on systemic racism, our Board of Governors provided a framework for this change. Included in the appeal were four steps: Educate Yourself; Engage in Dialogue; Establish Concrete Actions, and Take Action.

Leadership Tallahassee is pleased to launch the LT 2.0: The Journey to Racial Justice program, chaired by Darby Kerrigan Scott (LT 33) and Malone Smith (LT 35) along with a committee of incredible community leaders.

This 6-month program is a series of experiences and discussions focused on positioning participants to be a part of real change and to stand up against racism and the systemic practices that seek to divide and harm, instead of build and empower. This is accomplished by providing a baseline understanding of the history of racial injustice and by engaging in intentional conversations about how we as a community can and should make progress toward racial justice.

If you are a Leadership Tallahassee Member, you are encouraged to learn more about this program at today’s information session. You can register HERE.
If you are a community member, there will be opportunities for you to participate on this journey through our series, Tallahassee Leads Here, which will have programming throughout the year on this and other important topics. We look forward to you joining us!
To learn more about Leadership Tallahassee and its programs, visit our website at
Our hope is that by participating in LT 2.0, leaders will be empowered and better equipped to address the change our community needs.

Sha’Ron James (LT 21)
Chair, Leadership Tallahassee