Join WFSU Summer Challenge, become a Sponsor!

WFSU Public Media is at the forefront of providing entertainment, news, and education across northern Florida and southern Georgia. We are deeply committed to fostering community engagement and promoting early childhood learning. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our annual Summer Challenge, a unique hands-on at-home and online discovery adventure designed for families.

The WFSU Summer Challenge offers a themed series of activities and challenges for kids to enjoy throughout the summer. Not only do participants have the opportunity to earn fun prizes at the end of the season, but each challenge is carefully crafted to incorporate learning objectives. By participating in these activities, children can combat the “summer slump” that often leads to a decline in learned knowledge during the break from school.

We invite your company to join us in sponsoring this exciting event. By supporting the WFSU Summer Challenge, you’ll not only contribute to the educational development of children in our community but also showcase your commitment to fostering a love for learning and creativity. Let’s come together to make this summer a memorable and enriching experience for families across our region. Check out more about sponsorship opportunities and how you can make a difference in the lives of young learners through the WFSU Summer Challenge here:
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