Jay Revell for Tallahassee Magazine – Cascades Park Offers Proof of Our Great Potential

Jay Revell, President of Revell Media, published a column in the most recent issue of Tallahassee Magazine entitled “An Infrastructure Fairytale.” The column is about how Cascades Park has become a symbol for Tallahassee’s great potential.

In the column, Revell said,
“There’s a lot of debate raging in Tallahassee these days about the future of our community. Some of it is healthy, some of it is not. Regardless of your political opinions, it shouldn’t be hard to agree that we need more spaces like Cascades Park. As we approach our community bicentennial in 2024, we should undertake similarly ambitious projects that inspire collaboration and evoke our better angels.”

You can read the full article at the link below:

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