IntegriSource is Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence in Staffing Services!

It is with immense pride and gratitude that we announce a significant milestone in our
company’s journey – we have reached the 20-year mark of providing exceptional staffing
services to both public and private entities.
From our humble beginnings to our current standing, these two decades represent a journey of
continuous growth, adaptability, and the establishment of lasting relationships. We have
navigated industry shifts, embraced evolving trends, and triumphed over challenges, all thanks
to the dedication and professionalism of our remarkable team.
We extend our sincere appreciation to our valued clients and partners, who have been
instrumental in our success. Your trust, collaboration, and shared commitment to excellence
have been the cornerstones of our achievements. Whether in the public or private sector, your
confidence in our services has driven us to consistently deliver outstanding results.
To our exceptional team members, thank you for your unwavering dedication, expertise, and
commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service. Your professionalism and tireless
efforts have been pivotal in establishing IntegriSource as a leader in the staffing industry.
As we enter into the beginning of even greater things to come, I sincerely thank each and every
one of you whom we have had the pleasure to serve that shaped us into the company we are
today. Without YOU, there would be no US!

Marc Edwards
CEO / President
IntegriSource, Inc
(850) 575-0894

About IntegriSource:
IntegriSource, Inc. is a national staffing company based in Tallahassee, Florida, specializing in
cost-effective solutions for permanent, contract, and contract-to-hire staffing in both public and
private sectors.
Our success is rooted in values like integrity, communication, and diversity. Integrity is so crucial
to us that we’ve incorporated it into our name. Effective communication fosters feedback and
opportunities while setting clear expectations for successful partnerships. We recognize
diversity as a key element for team success, impacting productivity, innovation, retention,
revenues, and loyalty.
Explore how IntegriSource can be your effective staffing partner within Information Technology,
Power Generation, Finance, and Administration.