Important Information That You Should Know About Local Health Care Job Opportunities – Tom Harrison, TPCA

Our health care community in the Big Bend is desperately in need of people of all ages who are looking for an inspired career with a meaningful purpose in a growing industry.  Are you a student that has a heart to help others and wants to make a difference in the lives of people?  Do you have stories and experiences that have brought you to rely on healthcare professionals at some point in time?  Do you want to give back while pursuing a rewarding career?

Often people associate jobs in healthcare with working in a hospital or perhaps other facilities such as skilled nursing.  Those institutions and positions are truly noble in their own right, but often people miss or misunderstand that the Big Bend is full of physicians and healthcare practices of all shapes and sizes who need caring and dedicated staff across the spectrum of employment. These jobs do not always mean working a shift in a facility or having to have an RN degree to pitch in and have a meaningful career with opportunities for growth and the satisfaction of helping other people and our community.  There are many opportunities outside of our great facilities, from entry-level to skilled positions that offer attractive hours, training and the chance to make a difference for patients.

Healthcare is one of the largest employer bases in the region and is growing every day.  Data recently published by the Chamber regarding Workforce and Jobs within the Tallahassee Metropolitan Service Area listed overall job growth in the healthcare sector at 3.8% (12 month % increase 2018 versus prior year), tied with construction and behind only professional services and hospitality.

Indications are that this growth in the healthcare sector continues, and the need for healthcare workers is substantial.  Such opportunities include a robust pool of individual physicians and healthcare practices in the community who work every day to seek and find people — from students to folks of all ages and walks of life.

So are you thinking about, or do you know of someone who is thinking about a career in healthcare?  Perhaps you or someone you know is just searching for what to pursue as a career or career track after high school or at any point in life.  Remember that healthcare in our region is broad, and does not only need registered nurses (RNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and facility staff. We are also in need of licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified medical assistants (CMAs), and registration/reception staff who want to work alongside physicians with patients in a variety of local medical practices.

The entry point can be easy to find.  The Chamber will help, and the opportunities for growth and meaning in the work are available and practically limitless.