Impact Food Group Announces New Location Launch At Barrington Park Condominiums

Impact Food Group is excited to announce its latest location at Barrington Park Condominiums, Northeast Tallahassee’s Premium Gated Condominium Community.

Impact Food Group operates self-service micro grocery kiosks to promote healthier food options with fresh and healthy, grab-and-go food and beverages.  The smart kiosks utilize RFID technology that monitors inventory which is shared in real-time online.

Sha’Ron James, Founder, and CEO of Impact Foods, said, “Impact Foods is excited about its new location in Barrington Park, a vibrant residential community in Northeast Tallahassee. As we all embrace a new normal, having access to healthier food options close to home is more important than ever. We are grateful for our growth across the city of Tallahassee and look forward to our continued expansion.”

With the addition of the latest kiosk launch, the mission of Impact Food continues to strengthen by providing fresh and healthy meals in their food kiosks throughout Tallahassee. You can find the fresh food kiosk locations here:

About Impact Food Group
Impact Food Services Group, LLC (Impact Foods) is a social impact start-up company based in Tallahassee, Florida, placing and operating self-service micro groceries and smart cafés in locations across the city to promote access to healthier food options.

In addition to providing access to healthy food through the kiosks’ placement, Impact Foods has a long-term mission to address food insecurity in the city’s food deserts, increase access and lower the costs of healthy food options.