Impact Food Group Announces Location Launch at Millstream At Cascades

Tallahassee, FL – Impact Food Group is excited to announce another location launch at Millstream at Cascades. Impact Food’s fresh food kiosks offer various fresh food and healthy items made by local vendors.


Impact Food Group is a social impact company based in Tallahassee which provides and places self-service micro grocery kiosks in locations around town to promote healthier food options. The kiosks are designed with RFID technology that senses when items are removed and are filled with fresh and healthy, grab-and-go food and beverages.


Millstream at Cascades is Tallahassee’s newest luxury multifamily community and the first residential complex at Cascades. They offer stylish one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments that will put you within walking distance to some of the city’s largest employers, while a mix of dining and entertainment options stand just steps away from your front door.


Sha’Ron James, Founder, and CEO of Impact Foods said, “We are delighted to have a presence at Cascades Park in the Millstream at Cascades. Impact Foods represents what Cascades Park is all about innovation, access, and most of all, community.”


The newest fresh food kiosk launch at Millstream at Cascades will continue to strengthen Impact Food’s mission to provide fresh and healthy meals in their food kiosks throughout Tallahassee. You can find all nine fresh food kiosk locations here:


About Impact Food Group 

Impact Food Services Group, LLC (Impact Foods) is a social impact start-up company based in Tallahassee, Florida, which places and operates self-service micro groceries and smart cafés in locations across the city to promote access to healthier food options.


In addition to providing access to healthy food through the kiosks’ placement, Impact Foods has a long-term mission to address food insecurity in the city’s food deserts, increase access and lower the costs of healthy food options.