Holiday Angels Bring Christmas to Local Children in Need

Tallahassee, FL— Big Bend Cares would like to introduce you to three children: 8-year-old BJ just wants a pair of shoes without holes and a basketball of his very own for Christmas.1-year-old Kamay loves to play with dolls and desperately needs size 4 diapers. And 9-year-old Stephon is tired of being cold and has asked for only a coat for Christmas.

BJ, Kamay and Stephon are just 3 out of 280 children currently registered for Holiday Angels.

Children do not have to be infected with HIV or have AIDS to be affected by the disease. Each year, some children of parents living with HIV/AIDS do not experience the joy of receiving presents or new clothes that fit due to the financial burden that often goes with their family member’s struggle to survive.

We know the pandemic has impacted us all. But for families living below the Federal Poverty level – and ALL Holiday Angel families do – it has been even more difficult. For these parents, getting Christmas gifts for their children can be an impossible burden.

These children need your help! Become a Holiday Angel and provide 1 gift and 1 clothing outfit for a child. It will mean the world to these children on Christmas! Sign up today to become a Holiday Angel by emailing Matt King at or by calling (850) 656-2437 extension 224. You can also visit for more information. Please note: Gifts must be delivered to Big Bend Cares or dropped off at one of the five Centennial Bank branches in Tallahassee by Friday, December 4th 2020.

Since 1987, Big Bend Cares has served clients throughout the 8 counties in the Big Bend. Our mission is to advance community wellness for all by providing comprehensive care and promoting sexual health. Working to end HIV in a world where everyone has access to quality care, Big Bend Cares provides assistance to people living with HIV and routinely conducts free HIV prevention and educational programs in our community.

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