“Healthcare Moving in New Directions” Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic

The recent advent of the coronavirus has touched almost every aspect of our daily lives – work, school, home, shopping, travel, but likely none of these have been affected and impacted more than healthcare. Our awareness of a healthy environment has undergone a massive change over the last couple of months.

Our Tallahassee community is fortunate to have a well-established presence of advanced professional healthcare providers, all of whom have had to shift the access and delivery of services. Local hospitals, clinics, and private practices are all continuing to adapt rapidly. One of our region’s leading healthcare practices, Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic (TOC), is helping local healthcare services move in new directions.

Telemedicine has suddenly become an essential part of healthcare consumerism, as physicians and patients adhere to social distancing. Healthcare consultants estimated telehealth visits increased by 50% in March 2020. TOC has recently incorporated telehealth services, with the introduction of their “TeleOrtho” specialty, which conveniently addresses patient safety and mobility needs. TeleOrtho is an innovative way to provide patients the opportunity to safely and securely see their physician or provider from the comfort of their home.

Another growing healthcare trend for patients is access to physician-administered care outside of a hospital environment. The upcoming opening of TOC’s new Canopy Clinic facility will serve to lessen patient concerns about potential exposure to other healthcare-related matters. The Canopy Clinic will also house the practice’s urgent orthopedic care services to administer when situations require immediate assistance.

As consumers continue to seek out healthcare information online, TOC recently launched their new website, www.tlhoc.com, focusing on a patient-centered experience, complimented with pertinent information for both treatment and prevention of orthopedic conditions.

Speaking on healthcare trends, TOC’s CEO Mark Didier said, “For almost 50 years, TOC has continued to serve patients, schools, and our community as the Team Behind the Team. As healthcare continues to move in new directions, Tallahassee’s healthcare excellence and mobility remain the focus of all TOC’s services and community involvement.”