The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce launches Irma updates

From FSView

In preparation for Hurricane Irma, the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce added a resource page to their website in order to keep the community updated on all necessary information. You can also click on the Chamber homepage to be automatically sent to the Hurricane Irma Local Resources & Information page.

The new website addition was originally made to help evacuees navigate Tallahassee, but now it also serves as an important resource for local residents as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida and moves slightly west toward the Big Bend area.

This link serves as an information hub for business owners, evacuees and Tallahassee residents. The page lists important phone numbers and links along with local restaurants, accommodation information and services. More information will be added throughout the weekend to keep the community informed.

“As a Chamber, we wanted to welcome all of our out of town visitors to our community with open arms and provide our local residents with important information and resources as we prepared for Hurricane Irma,” Samantha Loebig, Chamber Marketing Coordinator, said.

The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce promotes and protects the interests of the Tallahassee business community and serves as a resource for Tallahassee visitors and residents. In case of a disaster, the Chamber acknowledged their wide network and are using it not only to help serve the business community, but Tallahassee and its evacuees as a whole.

This week, the Chamber received an increase in calls due to South Floridians questioning whether to evacuate and what Tallahassee had to offer them. The callers’ main concerns surrounded hotel availability and shelters. However, due to the number of evacuees, most hotels in Tallahassee have no vacancies this weekend.

In addition to the website, the Chamber made a banner to greet evacuees, which reads “Welcome Floridians” and uses the trending hashtag, #FloridaStrong. The sign was created in order to unite Floridians and promote the new addition to their website.

The banner was hung on the side of the Chamber building facing North Calhoun Street on Friday afternoon. It immediately caught the attention of passing cars in the downtown area. A nearby family noticed it and informed the Chamber staff that they evacuated from Miami.

“Being located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, we wanted to create a visual for visitors to see as they drove into the area to make them feel welcome,” Loebig said.

For more updates throughout the weekend, follow @TalChamber on Facebook and Twitter.