Grassroots initiative wants to show Tallahassee as retirement destination


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – A local grassroots initiative is trying to reach baby boomers and bring them to Tallahassee.

​It’s called “Choose Tallahassee.” The program hopes to highlight the positive aspects of retiring in the Capital City. ​Seniors we’ve spoken with say they are thrilled about the variety of activities available for themselves as well as their families.

“There’s so much to do, there’s so many, especially on the campuses of FAMU and FSU,” said Tallahassee seniors Donnaclaire Schwekendiek, Ellen Sullivan, and Miryam Rubenstein. “There’s music, there’s art museums, there’s science museums, sports. There’s everything you want and yet it has an old south atmosphere.”

Tallahassee has the potential to be far more than just a college town and is perfect for retirees who are still kicking.

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Jay Revell, says more local seniors would benefit the community.

“They still like to travel, they still like to shop, they still like to dine. Even though they might be retiring, it doesn’t mean they’re slowing down. They’re just maybe getting into a phase in their life where they’re not working every day, but they’re still really engaged in the local economy,” said Revell. “So there’s a massive economic impact that could be seen by seeing more and more baby boomers move into our community.”

More than 100 local volunteers with Choose Tallahassee are dedicated to showing seniors the absolute best the Tallahassee community has to offer.