Free guide published by Change by Design for Chamber Members to learn how to employ games for learning in their business or non-profit

Change by Design Lead Instructional Designer Melissa Lambert recently wrote a three-part guide on what training departments and professionals should keep in mind when using gamification in materials to improve learning outcomes for employees.

* Part 1 (Who Is Your Learner) at covers key motivators for each type of learner.

** Part 2 (What Is The Game) at covers the structure and underlying story of effective games for learning.

*** Part 3 (Why Would Someone Want To Play This) at covers how extrinsic and intrinsic motivation principles should be applied to improve results.

Applying these techniques can help your company better train new employees in important job- or task-related skills. It can also help build greater retention and engagement for longer-tenured employees who draw on a greater wealth of experience. After reading the 3-part guide, please let us know if you have any questions by calling (850) 445-6303 or emailing for more information on this approach.