FBMC’s Customer Loyalty at All Time High of 92 percent

With its highest customer loyalty rating at 92 percent and the creation of additional support for newly designated regions, FBMC Benefits Management, Inc., continues to prove its commitment to customer service. The Net Promoter Score rating was obtained by surveying clients throughout 2021 to learn more about how they felt about the quality of FBMC’s services. To continue to exceed expectations in customer service, FBMC is also announcing the split of one region into two to be handled by dedicated managing principals focused solely on clients in those markets.

“Achieving this industry leading Net Promoter Score indicates that we have a great team that works tirelessly to deliver provable quality results for our clients,” said David Faulkenberry, president of FBMC. “When you have the best team and great clients, success happens for everyone. To continue the momentum, we have created these new managing principal regional positions for additional support.”

To calculate the Net Promoter Score, clients of FBMC were asked, “On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to refer FBMC?” The replies were then calculated using the formula of percent promoters – percent detractors to find the overall score. Promoters are a score of either nine or 10, neutral is between eight and seven, and a detractor is anything below a six. The majority of FBMC clientele scored services between nine and 10.

To continue filling client needs and better serve the growing client base, FBMC is devoting managing principals to the regions of the United States with the majority of its clients. Vickie Whaley will oversee the Southeast region, and new-hire Colin McLain will manage the Southwest region.

Whaley shares more than 20 years of experience with FBMC’s clients, providing guidance on strategic planning, predictive modeling, and long-term benefit solutions. Her extensive background in employee benefits provides clients with her ability to identify and provide solutions based on industry trends, client needs, and available resources.
McLain is joining the FBMC family from his previous position as vice president of client services at Holmes Murphy & Associates. His experience with staff development and improvement, as well as client strategies and relationships, makes him the right fit for his new role at FBMC.

“This was the right time to make this split and dedicate the right people to our clients in these regions,” said Faulkenberry. “Vickie has been an integral part of our team for many years, and she’s proven that she will successfully oversee and grow this region. Colin wowed us from the moment we spoke with him. I couldn’t be more confident in the people we’ve put in these very important positions.”

For more information about FBMC Benefits Management, Inc., visit www.FBMC.com.