FBMC Hosts Annual Awards Program

FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. is proud to share the 2020 Employee Appreciation Award Winners. Each year, FBMC hosts an annual awards program which recognizes individuals who have exceeded expectations and exemplify FBMC’s vision, mission and philosophy on a daily basis. Congratulations to the following award winners:

Tiffany Lee— Fostering Teamwork Award
Rachel Williams — Being Innovative & Taking Initiative Award
Terri Newbon — Modeling Excellent Customer Service Award
Market Resources Team — Creating Cost Savings and Revenue Award
Hazel Escobedo — FBMC Spirit Award
Service Center — FBMC Team Award
Anike Cherry — Glenn E. Tanner Client Service Award
Gwen Taylor — Michael H. Sheridan Sales Award
Kyla Heap— Connie B. Williams Community Service Award & Employee of the Year Award