Vistage Florida: Tallahassee CEO Summit

Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results.
How often do you have the opportunity to sit around the table with your business peers – people who have been in your shoes and who have critical feedback and perspective to share? Vistage groups are purpose-built solely to help members improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses. They are often the only place CEOs and business owners have to turn for confidential, agenda-free advice.
This event is for Tallahassee/Leon County CEO’s in growth mode who are interested in learning more about Vistage membership.
The event speaker, Frank Furness, will talk about “Sales Insights; Strategies for the Modern Company and Salesperson.”
Selling has changed massively in the past 15 years with the advent and influence of the internet and social media. The biggest challenge facing most companies is still how to find new business and clients. Traditional cold calling now has little or no impact and with the introduction of GDPR to Europe, companies and salespeople are limited in how and where to prospect. Traditional methods of marketing such as referrals, events, advertising and all the tried and tested methods still work for most companies. Modern companies and salespeople are now adding to that by using sales insights & intelligence using the latest tools and strategies to find, research and connect with potential clients. In this presentation Frank shares advanced strategies that will give your company the tools for the modern salesperson to prospect and connect more effectively, sell more and retain key clients.
Contact Becky Tolnay at to find out how to register. Registration closes on Friday, November 5th. Event is scheduled for November 9.