The Village Square presents Chloe Valdary on The Theory of Enchantment

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“Chloe has an independent cast of mind and a roving curiosity that leads her to ask probing questions, pursue original lines of inquiry, and reach provocative and often brilliant conclusions. Every time I see her, I walk away with my mind buzzing with new ideas—her ideas.”—New York Times columnist Bret Stephens
Chloé Valdary has a refreshing and humanizing approach to the fraught moment we’re in and a completely different take on how we can heal racial division and hatred inside our organizations and across society in general. She calls her approach the “Theory of Enchantment” — “an antiracism program that actually fights bigotry instead of spreading it.” Chloé sees bigotry as expressing a deep loss of sense of self in the person who behaves in a racist way—and she teaches people to overcome bigotry by reaching for their humanity (and understanding their own). The 3 laws of enchantment: “treat people like human beings not political extractions,” “criticize to lift up and empower, never to tear down and destroy,” and “root everything you do in love and compassion.”
This important programming is offered in partnership with Florida Humanities as a part of our multi-year series “UNUM: Democracy Reignited.”