Uncovering Goodwood's Great Books

On a tour of Goodwood Museum & Gardens, Dr. Michael Wagoner discovered a treasure trove…. a whole parlor-ful of books. He was intrigued. There were books from the 16th to 18th centuries, books signed by famous authors, first editions, rare books, a complete set of Shakespeare and stories about Br’er Rabbit. Dr. Wagoner’s tour of the house ended right there. He has continued researching the Goodwood books ever since.
Join Dr. Wagoner as he introduces you to this collection on May 3rd at Noon in Goodwood’s Jubilee Cottage.
Michael M. Wagoner holds a PhD in English Literature from Florida State and is currently serving as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the English department. His research focuses on early modern drama, examining the form of interruptions within theatrical texts. He has attended courses at the Rare Book School and is preparing an edition of a Manuscript play held at the Folger Shakespeare Library.
Free & Open to the Public
Photo Credit: Brittany Morgan Photography