Training Tomorrow’s Workforce Today: The Need For Skilled Tradespeople Webinar

Presenters: Shelly Bell (Lively Technical College) and Manny Joanos (Lively Technical College)
Every day, the shortage in the skilled trades becomes more acute. This is not a result of the pandemic, as there was an employment shortage prior to the pandemic. The pandemic has only increased the need for skilled tradespeople and made the problem of filling these positions a serious dilemma.  The employment shortage is not just a local trend but one that is impacting all parts of our state and country. Without new skilled laborers, wait times, work quality, and costs in the building trades will have significant increases. Find out how you can get the training you need to fill in-demand jobs and what you can do to help solve the skills gap problem in the skilled trades. This webinar will feature the following information:

  • Understand local training programs
  • Learn how you can help spread the news to your friends and family

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