Strategic Planning for 2018 Tax Changes | A CURRENT Workshop

Our Lunch & Learn Series is a free weekly workshop conducted by Partners for a Solution, The Current Agency and local business experts. The workshops feature a wide variety of topics that are helpful for anyone involved with a business. This is a free event for the community.
Topic – Strategic Planning for 2018 Tax Changes
Speaker – Brian Manuel, CPA, CFE from Carr, Riggs & Ingram
The recent tax code changes passed in late 2017 has created a great deal of uncertainty for businesses of all sizes as they try to understand what if any changes impact their operations. CRI has worked to identify changes that will have broadest or largest impact on the business community to help eliminate some of this uncertainty and encourage developing an appropriate plan of action to take into 2018.
In this workshop, Certified Business Coach Audra Fournier and Certified Public Accountant Brian Manuel will discuss topics on business and tax. Brian will specifically present information on the 2018 tax changes impacting business and business owners to help mitigate risk of the unknown to empower business owners and support their ability to make informed decisions.
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