Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

Graduate and undergraduate students from Florida State University’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative will be hosting an interactive workshop tailored to social entrepreneurs in the start-up phase, local to Tallahassee. Workshop participants will enjoy an engaging morning collaborating and sharing with other social innovators and dynamic presenters that bring immersive experience in all aspects of social innovation and entrepreneurship; from managing Domi Station’s Start Up Grind, to creating their own successful social enterprises and studying in immersive social innovation programs in Bali, Indonesia.
The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with “next-steps” in developing their models and launching their impact! Throughout the workshop members will be immersed in market research, identifying their differentiators, and learning more about those that they are serving while learning more about themselves as social innovators, empowerment, and the art of being a change-maker. Lunch will be provided.
Presented by:  FSU Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative
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