Sham: A 1920s Comedy

Join us for a comedy set in a familiar time and place… a mansion in the Roaring ‘20s!
This one-act play begins when a couple encounters a thief in their home. Be astonished by the audacity of a thief and see if you understand his strange logic in this adventure through Goodwood’s Main House.
The Main House provides not just a stage, but a live 360° experience as you follow the characters from room to room. Instead of the set changing behind the actors, the actors move from one set to another and the audience follows. The Main House Museum provides the ideal background, as both the play and museum are set in the 1920s.
A wine reception and a unique “stage” make this a theatrical event to remember.
Wine Reception 6:30 PM
Performance 7 PM
Limited to 25 seats per performance
Tickets $25
Contact JoAnn Bixler at 850.877.4202 x228 or