Say No to Procrastination | Workshop

Our Lunch & Learn Series is a free weekly workshop conducted by Partners for a Solution, The Current Agency and local business experts. The workshops feature a wide variety of topics that are helpful for anyone involved with a business. This is a free event for the community.
Topic – Say No to Procrastination
Speaker: Audra Fournier, Business Coach at Audra Fournier – Partners for a Solution, LLC
You have a deadline looming. However, instead of doing your work, you are fiddling with miscellaneous things like checking email, social media, watching videos, surfing blogs and forums. You know you should be working, but you just don’t feel like doing anything.
We are all familiar with the procrastination phenomenon. When we procrastinate, we squander away our free time and put off important tasks we should be doing them till it’s too late. And when it is indeed too late, we panic and wish we got started earlier. It’s a bad habit that eats us away and prevents us from achieving greater results in life.
In this workshop, I will share my personal steps which I use to overcome procrastination with great success.