Ray Burggraf: The Early works

At a time when the gallery scene has all but shut down, the Venvi Art Gallery keeps finding ways to stay in touch with the Tallahassee community and expand its reach. Ray Burggraf: The Early Work exhibition, open November 6th to January 10 th , will continue this work. There will not be the usual evening opening but Venvi’s 2901 E. Park Avenue location will be open for limited hours with masks and social distancing, Wednesday through Sunday from 12:30-5:30pm during the Burggraf show. In addition, there will be a virtual show to enjoy on the Venvi website (www.VenviArtGallery.com) with a link to a video about the artist, with his fast-paced video paintings and inspirations on YouTube.
There will also be video clips about the show on Venvi’s Facebook page and a brief discussion about individual paintings on Instagram. At one point in the artist’s YouTube video, you are looking out of a car whizzing along a straight rural San Joaquin Valley road with the sounds of traffic in your ears. You can’t help but be grateful when suddenly the scene changes to his art studio where a languidly rotating color sculpture calms things down with the loud noise and visual rush fading away to silence. In contrast with the car scene, you have the pleasure of the quiet and peaceful simplicity of his art. This is the strength viewers will find in the geometric abstractions showcased in Ray Burggraf, The Early Work.