Nonprofit Principles | Capturing and Using Data to Drive Decisions – Presentation and Workshop

Nonprofit Principles | Capturing and Using Data to Drive Decisions – Presentation and Workshop
Audience: Startup Nonprofits (<3 years)
Nonprofit Principles are courses providing a high-level study or workshop experience on a specific fundamental element of operating a nonprofit organization. This two-part Nonprofit Principles class offers a unique opportunity to participate in a hands-on workshop immediately following the presentation. Registrants may choose to participate in the presentation AND workshop, or just the presentation. 
8 am – 8:45 am | Basics of Results-Based Accountability
Participants will gain a basic understanding of “Turn the Curve” thinking, distinguish between population accountability and performance accountability, and learn how to select and use results, indicators, and performance measures in their program planning and management.
9 am – 12 noon | Developing a Results-Based Action Plan
Participants will have the opportunity to develop a draft action plan for a community-level indicator or program-level performance measure by using the five core Turn the Curve questions. Topics will include identifying partners, evaluating research and evidence-based practices, considering low cost or no cost solutions, and driving innovation.
Instructor: John Fleming, John Fleming Consulting
Location: INIE Training Room
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