Mrs. Tiers Grand Design

Over 100 years ago, Mrs.
Fanny Tiers enacted architectural landscape changes at Goodwood that reflected
a change in North Florida history. Some of these buildings are now in danger.
In March’s Friday Lecture Series by Lee Warner, hear how Goodwood is currently
planning to move forward in preserving two buildings heavily influenced by Mrs.
Tiers: the Water Tower and Gray’s Cottage.
Lee Warner was the senior professional at the US Department of State responsible for architectural
curation of culturally significant embassy chanceries and ambassador residences around the world. In this capacity he was project manager for architectural conservation projects. Prior to that he was State Historic Preservation Officer in Alabama, directed National Historic Landmark sites in New Orleans, and
Director of the Museum of Florida History.
This lecture will take
place on Friday, March 6th at Noon in Goodwood Museum & Gardens’
Jubilee Cottage.  For more information,
please visit
or email