KidsFest by Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend

KidsFest is the only day of its kind in Tallahassee for families of all ages, providing an opportunity for families to get outside, children to play, and connect our families with all of the great businesses we have in Tallahassee. KidsFest is held at Cascades Park every year. The main purpose for KidsFest is to provide information regarding local resources to families in need. Access to services such as Subsidized Child Care, Mental and Physical Health Care, Volunteer Organizations, and Employment opportunities. These services in turn help families in need learn how to become self-sufficient and increase their positive impact on the community itself. Our community benefits from sharing resources and information by gaining opportunities to recruit for employment and engaging community members with ways to help their community through volunteering. It is also a great opportunity for community members to reach families who may need future services.
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