Intro to Mindful Eating

This introductory workshop goes into techniques to encourage mindful eating and prevent mindless eating.
Mindful eating is not a diet, rather it is learning to pay attention to your surroundings and experiences as you eat and to recognize internal cravings and physical cues until you are full. Mark January as World Mindful Eating Month by joining Pamela Chamberlynn, MSW, NBC-HWC, as she guides you through an introduction on how to practice mindful eating.
This introduction class will be on Sunday, January 19th from 2-5 PM. Tickets are $50 and can be found on
An in-depth 6-week course into mindful eating is also available. The in-depth course begins on January 27th. If taken with the Introductory workshop, the in-depth course will have a 10% discount.