Human Trafficking and the African American Community: Myths, Realities, and Taking Action

Traffickers target people who are vulnerable in almost any way. Factors that place Black women and girls, and men and boys, at greater risk include unstable housing, involvement in the criminal justice or child welfare system, mental and behavioral health/high suicide rates. According to the U.S. State Department: Human traffickers disproportionately target those in positions of socioeconomic or political vulnerability due to discriminatory policies, who are often people of color or part of a racial minority. While U.S. efforts to combat human trafficking have grown in magnitude and sophistication over the years, the United States still struggles with how to address the disparate effects of human trafficking on racial minority communities. To be truly effective, a comprehensive approach to prosecution, protection, and—most of all—prevention must embed racial justice and equity across its policies and programs. (2021)This program will feature a lively and informative conversation. We will address questions such as, “What can we do better to recognize the impact of decades of discrimination and disproportionate treatment of people of color, especially in the African American community?” and “How does this reality affect the prevention and support for victims and survivors of sex and labor trafficking?”

Presenters: Brianna Rogers, CEO, BriSafe, Khia Thomas, Founder, Infinite Public Relations

Friday October 20th, 2023
1PM – 2:30 PM
Free Webinar

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