Florida’s Expungement Laws: Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking

When a youth or an adult victim/survivor of human trafficking is arrested – whether or not they are prosecuted – they can suffer lifelong personal and practical impacts. Trauma associated with an arrest can haunt them throughout their life. A criminal record can hurt their ability to be economically secure, to get a job or education, and to rebuild their lives and heal. Because these crimes happened while they were being trafficked, Florida law provides a way to help and clear, or “expunge,” their criminal histories. This month’s program will explain the law on expungement, describe the process for clearing a survivor’s criminal history, detail the effects of expungement on a survivor’s life, and dispel myths and misconceptions regarding expungement. If you are a professional or community member who is in actual or potential contact with sex and labor trafficking survivors or anyone who might be vulnerable, you need to know about expungement. Approved by the Florida Bar for 2 CLE credit hours Speaker: Brent Woody Lead Attorney/Executive Director, Justice Restoration Center. This free certificate webinar is one of the “Third Friday” community training events hosted by BBCAHT and STAC to inform and engage the North Florida community and beyond. We are happy to extend this invitation to friends and colleagues – please join us!

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