CRI Virtual Panel—Accounting & Business Outsourcing: Success Stories

In the first installment of our “Accounting & Business Outsourcing” webinar series, you learned the whens, whys, and benefits of outsourcing all or part of your accounting and business support functions. In our second installment, we talked about how to become a results-focused, data-driven organization. Now in our third installment, we want to give you examples with real-life stories and case studies of how outsourcing has proven advantageous to various organizations.
We’ve proposed concrete financial goals that were achievable and showed you how the data collected when outsourcing helps achieve those goals. We showed you how outsourcing organizes and streamlines your accounting functions to provide timely, accurate, and accessible data.
Now we want to tell you our stories and our client’s stories so you can truly appreciate the value of living, breathing, controllable, understandable, real-time and, most importantly— actionable data. Now that the sky is the limit to your organizational goals, and you have simple, secure, straight-forward data, let us help you imagine what your organization will become and where it will grow.
Webinar Learning Objectives:
Participants will:
– Hear about organizations that have outsourced, survived, and prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as organizations that did not miss a beat during disasters.
– Learn about organizations that have improved financial controls and reduced fraud by outsourcing processes.
– Digest transformational advances in technology that have allowed clients to focus on their core mission.
– Discover rhythms that have helped organizations achieve “live” books and, in the process, become more vibrant.
– Unearth the simple financial details that organizations have come to rely on to make timely, decisive decisions.
– Grasp examples of winning strategies that businesses and institutions have implemented.
– Absorb ideas that have completely changed how organizations see their future.
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