Code Talks with Lawrence Weru

Join Lawrence Weru Thursday, July 14th @ 6PM (EDT) for Code Talks. Lawrence will discuss how to validate the right developer for your business. This event will be livestreamed on Domi Station’s Facebook page and Youtube page at 6 PM (EDT).
Lawrence Weru is an American public health advocate, collaborative storyteller, and information designer. He has been writing for Vox, Slate and other organizations since 2014. For many years he has managed multi-month e-commerce development projects for medium sized clients and developed code for his clients and his own apps that are available for purchase on the App store. In 2015, Lawrence gave a TED talk intersecting the fields of Colour Theory, Political Science, Data Visualization, and Philosophy of Vision. He is also a “Notable Nole ” alumnus of FSU where he received dual degrees in Studio Art and Biology and is an Associate Alumnus of Harvard Medical School, certified in Media and Medicine.