Building Better Customer Relationships | A CURRENT Workshop

Topic – Building Better Customer Relationships
Speaker: Audra Fournier – Partners for a Solution, LLC
Food Truck: Rankin Tacos
Location: The Current Agency – 3707 Apalachee Parkway Tallahassee, FL 32311
Our Lunch & Learn Series is a free weekly workshop conducted by Partners for a Solution, The Current Agency and local business experts. The workshops feature a wide variety of topics that are helpful for anyone involved with a business. This is a free event for the community.
Overview: Customer service is a critical area in so many enterprises as it can easily make or break day to day business transactions. Most businesses today strive to deliver “good customer service”. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where everyone is concerned about “Customer Lifetime Value”, developing effective Customer Service strategies is essential!
In this workshop, Certified Business Coach, Audra Fournier will help participants be able to:
* Understand the importance of Relationship Marketing in today’s business world
* Appreciate how important Customer Lifetime Value is and the role of loyalty
* Recognize and provide not just good but exceptional customer service
* Evaluate their own organization’s customer service strategy