Accounting and Business Outsourcing: How to Become a Results-Focused, Data-Driven Organization

In the first installment of our “Accounting & Business Outsourcing” webinar series, you learned the whens, whys, and benefits of outsourcing all or part your accounting and business support functions—but what comes after you’ve decided to outsource? One word—data! Outsourcing can organize and streamline your accounting functions to provide timely, accurate, and accessible data–ultimately helping you create concrete financial goals for your organization.
We invite you to join us for this free webinar as we demonstrate the transformation of accounting records from historical and most often “too late” books into living, breathing, comprehensible, real-time, and most importantly—actionable data.
Participants will be able to:
– Identify the outsourced processes that support daily updated “live” books
– Understand how key outsourced accounting functions are completed by following a weekly processing rhythm
– Recognize the easily understood data elements provided by outsourcing that enable you to anticipate future cash needs and manage your business
– See how it is possible to produce credible and trustworthy analytical financial reports by the 5th day of each month
– Realize the benefits of dashboards that deliver real-time results while increasing collaboration between accountants and management