From "Acceptable" to EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service

Every business needs customers to succeed and grow!
The acquisition and retention of paying customers is the lifeblood of every business.
The key to customer growth and retention is EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service and an outstanding experience that will have people raving about your brand!
During this webinar, you will learn how to form a crystal clear vision of how to get your entire workforce eating, sleeping and breathing exceptional customer service.
Uncover and avoid the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the communication between your team members and customers.
Discover how implementing these ideas and Custom Service strategies, will re-energize your workforce to show up the way you want for your organization to dominate in that top 10%!
Register today to gain invaluable Customer Service insights, tools, and resources from international speaker and corporate trainer Tené Kosmyna from Success Ocean International.
Tené K. Kosmyna, is the owner of an global personal and professional develop company based in Destin, Florida. Tené founded Success Ocean International with her husband, Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna to offer “Learning that Lasts, and Training that Transforms” individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. Success Ocean has an international presence in over 134 countries and features hundreds online and live personal development programs, all of which are designed to educate and empower the minds of people to work towards achieving their full potential. Success Ocean also offers a comprehensive library of over 130 subject areas to strengthen the various needs of the corporate community. Tené is a Proctor-Gallagher Certified Consultant that has impacted and influenced the growth of both small businesses as well as Fortune 500 and national brands like Hilton, Ford Motor Company, Comcast, Budget, Ascap, and more!
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