Ep. 98 A Day of Love, Family and Community, Christic Henry, Kingdom First Realty

Christic Henry is not only a well-known real estate broker in the area, but she is a powerful and passionate advocate for the Tallahassee community and southside neighborhoods. Thanks to the leadership of Christic, Ron Sachs and community partners, the Friday after Thanksgiving is now known as Family Day.

Tallahassee-Leon County is the first community in Florida to recognize Family Day, a holiday that celebrates the importance of family togetherness, support and love. On this day, you’re encouraged to spend time with those you love while supporting local retailers, businesses, culture, arts, and outdoor locations county-wide.

This year’s event at Railroad Square will feature free family portraits, entertainment and activities for community members of all ages. More than 50 businesses and organizations are involved in this year’s Family Day with the support of the City of Tallahassee, Leon County and generous sponsors.

To learn more about Family Day, visit www.FloridaFamilyDay.com.

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