Ep. 39 – How the United Way is Positioned to Battle Against Poverty in our Region – Berneice Cox, CEO United Way of the Big Bend

Berneice Cox has long been a Tallahassee community champion. Known for serving in various volunteer leadership roles as well as a successful career in public affairs, Cox has recently assumed a new position of critical importance for the future of our region. As the new CEO of the United Way of the Big Bend, she is on the front lines of battling the effects of poverty in an eight-county area that includes Tallahassee and neighboring communities. Cox previously had served as both the Chair of the United Way Board and eventually as Interim CEO, before being hired to lead the organization full time. Under her leadership, the United Way of the Big Bend is building on its nearly eight decades of high impact work, with a sharp focus on funding programs and initiatives aimed at keeping people from falling into poverty. In this episode, Cox explores the duties associated with being CEO of the United Way, her personal experience living near the poverty line and how she aims to change how our region thinks of charitable giving, and the impact it can make on our neighbors.