Ep. 34 – Working to Bridge the Talent Gap In Tallahassee, Terrie Ard and Corrie Melton

At the Chamber, our business is Tallahassee and one thing we hear from companies of all sizes is that recruiting and retaining talent is a challenge. While the future workforce of our city has always been a priority of the Chamber, this year we decided to put a renewed focus on Talent & Workforce.

“I’m not sure I talk to any employer who doesn’t bring it up at some level, whether they are looking for one professional here or 20 workers there, it’s across the board no matter what industry, no matter what size their business is.. its important,” said Corrie Melton, Vice President of Membership and Talent. “They are looking for talent, they are looking for great people and we’ve got them, we just have to connect them to each other.”

A committee of Board Members has just begun studying the topic and doing some strategic planning to determine the right course of action. This committee is led by Committee Chair, Terrie Ard, who is President and COO at Moore and Staff Liaison Corrie Melton.

During this episode of the podcast, Ard and Melton explore the many resources available in our community including the group called ASPIRE Collective Impact that is bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors of the community to build a system that creates a talent ecosystem and will generate a sustainable skilled workforce well into the future.

“We have rich resources that are a feeder to our talent pipeline, (so the question is) how can we better leverage that as a one community to start looking at our solutions,” Ard said.

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