Ep. 26 – How Steve Evans uses authentic mentorship to shape companies and community

Steve Evans, Retired IBM Executive, Recipient of 2017 Distinguished Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award and mentor to business leaders in Tallahassee joins this episode of the Chamber Podcast.

As an attendee to the recent 2019 Annual Community Conference, Steve shares his insight on the success of the weekend. He also walks us through his career at IBM, his success as a mentor to businesses and shares his take on how important celebrating success is for the longevity of any company or community.

“I’ve watched lots of companies, we’ve all watched lots of communities, they die on the backs of negativity,” Steve said. “We are always going to have challenges in any organization, in your families, in your communities, you focus on how to fix it but you have got to stop and celebrate. Number one you have to recognize where you have successes and then take the moment to celebrate.”