Ep. 21 Part I – Skip Foster, Tallahassee Democrat

Skip Foster, Publisher of the Tallahassee Democrat, joins the Chamber podcast to talk through his career, the everyday triumphs and tribulations of a news team, life as a newspaper publisher and his take on some of Tallahassee’s top issues including crime, economic growth and more.

“I’ve got a long fuse in my business, but it gets a little short when I hear people talking about crime hot spots. I think that is a way of trying to diminish the problem,” Skip said during the interview. Listen to the rest of his thoughts on crime in Tallahassee in this episode.

If this podcast peaked your curiosity about life behind the scenes at the newspaper, take a look at this My View article, where Skip dives deep to explain how the digital statistics, passionate staff writers and community come together to make a successful newspaper in 2019. Heartbreak, highlights and deadlines.

This conversation with Skip broached so many facets of the community and highlighted many key topics that we decided to break the episode into two parts. Check back next week for part two of the episode, where Skip talks hobbies and interests outside of the newsroom. Chamber Podcast

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