Ep. 137 – Unveiling Littles to Leaders with Brooke Brunner, Director of Early Childhood Programs, Leon County Schools

Did you know that 90% of brain development happens from ages 0 to 5? This means a child’s brain is almost fully developed before they enter kindergarten. In Tallahassee, our kindergarten readiness rate is at an alarming 49%. This means over half of our children who are entering kindergarten are not adequately prepared to adapt to this new learning environment. This is where Littles to Leaders comes in.

Littles to Leaders is an initiative by Leon County Schools to help establish parents as first teachers. The program will provide every parent of a newborn child in Leon County with brain development education and information about community resources to help with the development of the baby. Every family will receive a “brain bag” at the hospital following the birth of their baby. This bag contains resources and information to support their baby’s brain development. Littles to Leaders aims to raise our kindergarten readiness rate by starting from birth.

Tune into this week’s episode, sponsored by MillCreek Financial Consultants, to hear all about Littles to Leaders and the details behind the program from Brooke Brunner.