Ep. 131 Family-Friendly Work Policies a Win for Businesses, Families, and the Future, Madeleine Thakur, Children’s Movement of Florida and Michelle Ubben, Sachs Media

Research shows that higher kindergarten readiness rates translate into better life and health outcomes for children and lower crime rates in our communities. They also keep Florida businesses and workplaces competitive. The Children’s Movement of Florida’s ‘Bosses for Babies’ initiative helps employers implement work policies beneficial to businesses and working parents.

On this week’s episode of the Tallahassee Business Podcast, presented by MillCreek Financial Consultants, Madeleine Thakur, President/CEO, Children’s Movement of Florida, and Sachs Media President/CEO, Michelle Ubben join Sue to unveil the latest guide released by the Children’s Movement of Florida.

Through family-friendly work policies and benefits, businesses like Sachs Media have found a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent, increasing productivity, and employee loyalty.

Learn more about the Children’s Movement of Florida’s Bosses for Babies initiative at https://www.childrensmovementflorida.org/bosses_guide.