Ep. 110 TLH International Airport: The Premier Gateway to Northwest Florida and Big Bend Region

The Tallahassee International Airport has been a busy place lately. Last month, TLH released statistics showing the demand for air travel has significantly increased, nearing record-breaking numbers marked in 2019. Through the first quarter of 2022, passenger traffic at Tallahassee International Airport is up 93.9% compared to the first quarter of 2021. So, what does this mean for travelers?

On this week’s episode of the Tallahassee Business Podcast, presented by The Health Network, we are joined by Airport Director, David Pollard who addresses the latest challenges at the airport, including the recent news about longer security lines and flight times. We encourage you to tune into this episode to hear directly from David about how he and his team are investing in improvements to enhance passenger travel while helping to establish Tallahassee as a competitive and sustainable place to do business.

Learn more about what’s happening at the TLH Airport at https://www.talgov.com/airport/airport.aspx.