Ep. 109 Honoring the Past and Celebrating the Future of Tallahassee’s Southside, Christic Henry, Soul of Southside Festival

Tallahassee roots run deep – especially in the capital city’s Southside neighborhoods. Something that needs to be remembered and honored. This is why the Soul of Southside Festival was created back in 2021 and has already grown into a weeklong celebration with more than 12 events.

On this week’s episode of the Tallahassee Business Podcast presented by The Health Network, community advocate Christic Henry joins us to talk about the rich and diverse history of Tallahassee’s Southside neighborhoods and the importance of this festival in the capital city. Christic and a team of volunteers have been hard at work over the past 12 months to accommodate the tremendous growth and put together a jam-packed schedule of events.

For more information on this year’s Soul of Southside Festival, visit https://sosfesttlh.com/.