Elder Care Services Honors September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance with Special Event

On Friday, September 8, Elder Care Services held a September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance event at the Leon County Public Safety Complex, bringing together community leaders, first responders, and volunteers to commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Among the attendees were Fire Chief Gene Sanders, Leon County Emergency Management Director Kevin Peters, and Jocelyne Fliger, President and CEO of Elder Care Services, along with the agency’s dedicated AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers.

The event served as a heartfelt tribute to the sacrifices made by first responders who bravely answered the call on that fateful day in 2001, as well as a commemoration of the lives lost in the tragedy. Elder Care Services’ AmeriCorps Seniors department organized the event to express gratitude for the vital services provided by first responders to our communities.

As part of the event, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers had the privilege of serving lunch to emergency personnel, including staff from one of Tallahassee’s fire stations. This act of service symbolized the community’s deep appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice of our local first responders.

Fire Chief Sanders and some of Elder Care’s AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers shared their personal reflections on the significance of September 11th, both then and now. Their stories and insights provided a moving perspective on the enduring impact of the events of 2001.

The September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance event underscored the importance of unity, compassion, and community support, values that continue to define the spirit of resilience in the face of adversity.

Jocelyne Fliger, President and CEO of Elder Care Services, expressed the sentiment behind the event, stating, “This day of service and remembrance is a testament to the enduring strength of our community and the selflessness of our first responders. We come together to remember, to honor, and to serve, as a reflection of the indomitable spirit that unites us.”

The event highlighted the essential role played by AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers and organizations like Elder Care Services in fostering community connections and promoting service as a means of paying tribute to those who serve and protect our communities.

For more information about Elder Care Services’ AmeriCorps Seniors program, please visit https://eldercarebigbend.org/senior-volunteer.

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